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Cable Straps,kitteny Adjustable Multipurpose Hook and Loop Securing Straps £3.99

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  • ①Quality: There are two welding partsw by ultra-sonically, and no glue!Very strong and eco-friendly.100% Nylon material!
  • ②Instructions: Secure to cord by inserting rounded end through buckle in strap and pulling tight.
  • ③Usage: Great to work for cord management accessories.Widely use for bicycle, wire&cable, skateboard, tools, etc. And can be bundled stuff in garage, office, and on yacht.
  • ④Lifetime :Practical and reusable, cycle life is more than 1000 times.
  • ⑤Size: 15 x 2.0 cm 10pcs; 20 x 2.0cm 5pcs; 40 x 2.0cm 5pcs; Total 20pcs


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