esLife Wireless Doorbell Review

This arrived very securely packaged, but without a lot of unnecessary padding, so top marks for that.

The bell does work straight out of the box (once a receiver is plugged in!) as they come already paired.The instructions are clear and concise, and even provide a list of the different tunes available.

The volume is easy to adjust, and jolly loud at full volume.

We only have a bungalow, so tried one receiver as far away from the door as possible, but this proved too far. It is probably not distance, but interference that hampered it, so we had to move it to a different plug in order for it to work.

I am not sure how useful it is for the receiver to flash when activated, but it does look funky! It would make it easy to identify the correct receiver if you had several of them, but not sure how many people would have more than one bell!!

Perhaps it would be more useful if the bell push flashed, as that would show the caller that it had worked. I have a very impatient postman who always presses about four times as he can’t hear that it has rung! Maybe a light would reassure him?

All in all, this is a great product that does what it needs to do very well, looks nice and is straightforward to install and use.

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Written by Jill Percey

I have retired to live my ideal life by the sea with my pets. I love walking, reading, cooking and watching sport. I like new technology, but am not a slave to it, however, I do love a gadget!

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