Amazon Echo Wall Clock Review

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

It arrived well packaged, as you would expect from Amazon, and I eagerly liberated the clock. How disappointing to find that it is plastic and cheap looking. There is no cover across the hands, so it is easy to knock them off the right time, and also they will get grubby rather quickly.

I continued with the set-up, which was very easy as you simply need to hold a button in while it pairs with your Echo device. Pulsing lights let you know how things are progressing, and it was quickly up and running and telling the correct time. You can only set it to the time zone that your Echo device is in, a useful addition could have been the option to set the time in another time zone, but that is not possible.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

I then tried out the timer and alarm functions - both worked okay, but the only clue on the clock that your timer/alarm has activated is the blue light system around the outside of the clock. When the allotted time arrives, all lights pulse blue four times. That’s it. If you are not looking directly at it, it would be easy to miss. This could be so much better if Amazon were to add an audible cue as well.

So, it’s a gadget, and it tells the time and you can set timers and alarms, but it could have been so much better. I am sure in time (pun intended) it will evolve into a great gadget, but for the moment you would be just as well served by a cheap plastic wall clock to tell the time and a rudimentary kitchen timer. These could be sourced for less than a third of the cost of the Echo wall clock and would accomplish the same. Best wait for later models with more functions.

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Written by Jill Percey

I have retired to live my ideal life by the sea with my pets. I love walking, reading, cooking and watching sport. I like new technology, but am not a slave to it, however, I do love a gadget!

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