KooPower 1.8M/ 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree + 100 LEDs Fairy Lights

 It arrived this week, which is possibly a little early to be putting up decorations, but we embraced the chance to put up our new tree, with the excuse of needing to write a review to spur us on!

Unfortunately, the tree was not packaged particularly well, as it had been put in a box that was too short so it was poking out of a hole. Luckily, that part didn’t seem to have been damaged, but once open, it was apparent that several of the struts were actually rusty – so not a good start. Had we actually purchased this product, we would have sent it back for a replacement, but we persevered despite the flaws, and managed to hide the problems while we were shaping.

KooPower 1.8M/ 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree

The instructions are adequate, and do stress the importance of shaping the branches. Indeed, once we had primped and prodded for a while, it did look a lot better, despite one of the branches being completely bare! Because the branches are bendy, with a little work you can fill in any gaps and make it look pretty decent, but it WILL take work - this is not a “take out of the box and job done” type tree.

KooPower 1.8M/ 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree with Fairy Lights

They have various modes to suit your mood, and have a timer function so that if you forget to turn them off, you don’t run the batteries down too quickly. They are long enough to go round the tree several times, but I like LOTS of sparkles, so will be using a longer set.

All in all, this is a very decent tree and lights for the price, and with time and effort looks pretty darn good, not completely plasticky and artificial like some I have seen. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product.

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Written by Jill Percey

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