esLife Wireless Doorbell Review

esLife Wireless Doorbell

The product esLife wireless doorbell was very easy to set up. It screwed easily to the wooden frame around my door and the plugs easily plugged in, 1 plugged upstairs and 1 plugged downstairs, the chime of 5he door bell is a very nice 4 second long melody and light up with a bright blue line. The distance that the wireless plugs work from is great we even tested one in the back shed and it still worked a treat.

Only downside to the doorbell is when the visitor presses the bell they would be unsure if the bell works or not as there is no indication of a connection.

Overall the item is fast installation, easy use and very effective am I would give the product 4.7/5 

Fantastic product.

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Written by Beth Blay

I am from the north west UK
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