Excellent product 6 pack bottle lights

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How to Use Voucher Code you found on owldeals

How to Use Voucher Code you found on owldeals


Item arrived in a well packaged box with 6 lots of lights.The lights are strong on a strong flexible wire and are powered with 3 round battery coverd by a plastic cork.

I did not have a glass bottle to hand at the present moment but I intend to in the near future however I tried the classy way:) with a good commen Pepsi bottle just to show an example of how the light can be used you could however spruce any bottle up,they worked brilliantly and can be used for multi purpose. I then tried them around my stair case and the were shining bright and look lovely. There are multi choice setting available to choose from by just pressing the button easily located on the cork the colouring of the lights is of a warm white colour,I cant wait to drink some wine to upcycle the bottle when I do I’ll be sure to share some better images.

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