ExpiredNENRENT S570+ Bluetooth Earbud

£9.96 £21.99
NENRENT S570+ Bluetooth Earbud
NENRENT S570+ Bluetooth Earbud
£9.96 £21.99

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How to Use Voucher Code you found on owldeals

World’s Smallest Earbud with 6 Hour Battery

NENRENT S570+ is designed with size and performance in mind. The lightweight and minimal shape of the S570+ earbud creates a perfect fit, so light and discreet you will hardly notice you’re wearing it. Not only does the S570+ offer a comfortable fit, the earphone also sounds decent and offers 5-6 hours of battery life to get you through a day. *Audio playtime varies according to volume output level (dB) and audio content- a greater output yields a shorter battery life. , tested multiple units with iPhone 6s)

  1. One of the best buds available, fits perfectly, and its so easy you dont even notice its in your ear. Grabbing myself one at the discount!!

  2. Got them for my boyfriend, a cheap gift that got me a lot of pleasure, he might even love them more than me 😀

  3. ONLY £9.96 :O I’ll stock some birthday gifts for my friends

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