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How to Use Voucher Code?

How to Use Voucher Code you found on owldeals

How to Use Voucher Code you found on owldeals

We changed our brand name to OwlDeals and adopted “Fresh Deals Day and Night” as our new slogan. The domain name has altered to “www.owldeals.co.uk” as well.

Some might wonder why UHotDeals.co.uk decided to change the domain name at such a key moment. As is known to all, the domain name is quite unique. The main reasons behind the domain name change are as below:

Better User Experience
This is the first and foremost reason of changing brand name as well as domain name. By doing so, we are better able to provide customers with a better user experience and through this, show that we put SheIn customers first.

Easy to Remember
Compared to the former domain name, the new one is much shorter. Once users access the website, they will find it much easier to remember the domain name.

Easy to Enter and Search
A domain name with fewer letters is definitely good for customers’ entering and searching. Some customers can even guess it without any hints

Of course, changing a brand name won’t change things overnight. We will keep hunting best deals in UK

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