What is ?

OwlDeals lives not only on good deals, but especially of you as a helpful community. Therefore, we want to give you something back as well: As a registered user you can collect ♥ , which reward you for your activity.

You can exchange the ♥ in giftcards and owl products

You need to register and / or sign in to see your current ♥ status below.

Activity is rewarded

  • +20 for your registration (once)
  • +10 for setting a profile picture (once)
  • +10 for every published user deal (max 5x / day)
  • +1 for every vote of your deals
  • +4 for each login (1x / day)
  • +5 for each comment (up to 5 comments / day)
  • Redeem ♥ in Amazon gift cards
    Once you have the following number of ♥ you can exchange these in your profile in Amazon gift cards:

1000  £10 Amazon gift card and any owl products at is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon gift cards are redeemable for the purchase of selected products on and certain partner websites.

What are Badges and how do I earn more?

Badges are a fun way to be rewarded for the many things you do on the site. They are earned by posting certain types of deals, voting on Community submitted deals, commenting on offers, sharing shopping tips and much more. Plus, you’ll have a chance to earn limited, unique badges by participating in OwlDeals events like contests. Then, watch the Badges start piling up on the lower left side of your Profile page! | Your Verified Deals